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  5. "I am Joni."

"I am Joni."

Translation:Minä olen Joni.

June 24, 2020



Couldn't you just say "Olen Joni"?


Yes you can. "Olen Joni" and "Minä olen Joni" are both acceptable in Finland.


You could say just "Olen Joni". In spoken language though it's preferred to use "minä" in this case although spoken language often tends to shorten words and sentences.


A new course! Great! Kinda kills my hopes for an Estonian course I would really like but still.


How do you get the accents on an English keyboard?


Actually on the phone keyboard you normally have them when holding letter A a bit longer. In this case you're not looking for accents though since Ä is a separate letter and not an A with accents.


This worked! Thanks - much appreciated!


It depends on if you are using the mobile version or the desktop version of the application.

On the browser version, there should be dedicated letters below your input box—where you can enter in non-English letters.

On the mobile version, you will need to change your keyboard layout in your settings and add Finnish as an input language. Use this guide for iOS—on Android, directions will vary, so take a minute or two to search for the appropriate instructions through your phone manufacturer. (If you have Gboard installed, follow these directions here.)


What is the difference between ä and a


Ä is pronounced as [æ], as in the A in "cat", and the Finnish A is pronounced is pronounced as [ɑ], as in the A in "start".


How do i get the accents on my keyboard


If you are in android/ios you can download a keyboard by google playstore or applestore, if you are in pc you can change the language in the configurations


If you are on Samsung, You can hold in the A and the o a little longer, and then you get ä and ö.


I can't put the accents on my phone, so this writing exercises will always be wrong!


I cant write with the real accent..my keyboard doesnt support


Why do I need to type in name instead of finnish words, wich I want to remember? Name is the same. I think, it's not the best way to learn. But thank you for the finnish course.


At level five this shouldnt be a thing..... Makes me lose my time!

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