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  5. "I am Roosa."

"I am Roosa."

Translation:Minä olen Roosa.

June 24, 2020



Shouldn't be also "olen Roosa" allowed?


Both are perfectly fine Finnish. Leaving out the personal pronoun makes the sentence more formal though. In spoken language, the pronoun is usually included. :)


I don't remember much of the Finnish I learned 50 years ago, but I do remember that Finnish divides vowels into 3 groups: back vowels (a, o, u)
front vowels (ä, ö, y)
neutral vowels (e, i)
A word can only have front vowels or back vowels, so endings always have a front vowel or back vowel forms (
I think a word with only neutral vowels (like
mies*) would take endings with front vowels.


Do the two dots above the a in Mina affect pronunciation?


It's not an a, it's an ä, a totally different letter, so yes, of course it is pronounced differently from a.


I guess I didn't hear the difference between the a with dots and the a without dots since there was no direct comparison given. How is the a with dots different from the a without dots?


Ä is pretty much the same as the a in the word "hat".

A is like the u in "cup".

The pronunciation of these letters is always the same regardless of the word.

Btw just a tip: if you don't have a keyboard with ä you can press ¨ and then a. For me it's to the left of Enter.


Thank you for the helpful explanation and keyboard tip! It's greatly appreciated! It doesn't seem to work on my keyboard though. I keep getting this --> "a"a


Here are instructions for it. The key is correct but you need to have US (or UK) international keyboard settings in use. I wonder how English talkers write naïve or did it become just naive after computers came more common. https://superuser.com/questions/1142924/umlaut-%C3%A4-%C3%B6-%C3%BC-on-english-us-layout


• Необязательно говорить "Minä olen Roosa". Можно использовать сокращённый вариант "Mä olen Roosa"!!!!

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