"Nous nous rencontrions tous les soirs dans un bar."

Translation:We met every night at a bar.

June 24, 2020

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"We used to meet every evening at a bar" ?? ... I also tried "We met every evening at a bar" and "We used to meet every night at a bar". They were all rejected. I am not sure where the problem is ...


"We used to meet every evening in a bar" was also rejected. Reported.


It's growing pains. They just didn't take the time to code in very many English translations before rolling out this module. If history is any guide, it will get fixed over time as people like you report mistakes. Just don't hold your breath waiting for a correction.


The more difficult the French becomes the more mistakes in translation are made by Duo. What does this tell us?


It tells us three things, actually. First, the top of the tree gets the most use and the most feedback, so naturally it has the best quality control. This is true for almost all DL courses. Second, most of the sentences in the easier French modules were created and maintained by an excellent set of volunteer contributors, while much of the content in the harder modules was made by a professional team that isn't nearly as careful. Third, the hardest modules are the most recent ones, and there hasn't been as much time to work out their bugs.

All three factors matter, but IMO the second and third are more important than the first.


I agree. A fourth reason is that more advanced sentences are much more complex with exponentially more alternative responses.


also "We met each other every evening in a bar" - reported


And preferably in English, time comes after place.

We met/used to meet at a bar every evening.


In English the adverb of place should come before the adverb of time so the correct translation should be: we met at a bar every night. Why is this rejected?


you can meet in a bar, just like the french says


Since it's likely we met on purpose and not by chance, it should be "nous nous retrouvions."


We met at a bar every night, was rejected.

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It works for me


We met at a bar every night. Accepted


Les enfants, c'est l'histoire comment j'ai rencontré votre mère :)

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