Translation:a woman

June 24, 2020



So, no article in Finnish?


I was wondering if it is like Swedish, where the ending of the word denotes if it's a woman, or the woman? I have heard Finnish has eight cases, but that's a different aspect.

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No, we don't have the Swedish system! If a Finn wants to say "the woman", it'll be something like "se nainen" or "tuo nainen", both meaning roughly "that woman". Mostly I think we rely on context when differentiating between definite and indefinite things.


in Swedish (and other Scandinavian languages) there are suffixes which tell you a word is definite, but the indefinite article come as a different word and they come before the noun (et bord -nr, ett bord -sw) and as far as I've noticed Finnish doesn't have articles, so I think not


Loving it already!


Woooooooow, im was so confused. First time learning finnish

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