"Ces heures supplémentaires, remboursez-les-moi !"

Translation:These extra hours, pay me back for them!

June 24, 2020

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It seems to me that in English, the word "back" is not required. It is adequate, and probably preferred, to just say "pay me for them".


I agree. You could simply say: Pay me for these overtime hours!


If we're talking about overtime (and nobody has explained what heures supplementaires actually are), then paying back is flat-out wrong. You can only me back for what I previously paid, either to you or on your behalf.


You're right! It is lousy English. "me back" redundant. You PAY people for hours worked., not "pay back."

Pay back has a different, vindictive and revengeful connotation.


agreed reporting


Quite so! How does "back" come into it? They are "overtime hours" and he/she requires to be paid for them. That's all.

It's formal name is "reimbursement," from the French, "remboursement."


The way I can make it make sense in my head is that maybe an employee was lying about working extra hours, and so when the boss found out, they wanted the employee to pay them back for them, but I don't know if that is how it is meant in the French version!


I agree that the word "back" is not needed. When you pay something back, it's because you borrowed it in the first place.


There are so many strange translations in this level, it frustrates a learner a great deal! Re "extra hours' - one gets "paid" for them, not "paid back".


the phrase is "overtime" in english


Yes, not overtime hours! My translation - reimburse me for this overtime -- should have been accepted.


I suppose native English speakers would just say "pay me for my overtime", am I right?


Yes, you're right.


In English we don't put the object of the verb at the beginning of a sentence as they like doing in French. We don't allow a redundant object as in the translation above (them).


as they like doing in french lol


"These extra hours, pay them back to me!" is marked wrong.


That's because you can't pay hours back. You can only pay money back (or maybe pay back favors). So you can pay somebody back for the extra hours, but there's no way to pay those hours back to you.


This makes no sense in UK English, just pay me or reimburse me


Nor in American English. This sentence is written in Owlish.

[deactivated user]

    "...reimburse me for them" is also accepted. I agree that "pay me for them" is the most accurate way of expressing this in English, but wouldn't that be "...payez-les-moi" in French?


    When I hover over "remboursez" there is no dictionary hint and it just keeps playing the audio really quickly on loop.


    ... me les. also possible ?


    No, the direct object comes first.

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