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Checkpoint one tips and tops

So I reached checkpoint one at the Finnish course and I wanted to give you some tips and tops; here they are: Tops -The fact that the course released 6 months a week and a day earlier than the incubator said. -The funny skill names, it gave me a little smile. (Yummy! Meow!) -The incredible effort put into this course. -The clearly written tips, you immediately see what you are going to learn. -The right amount of new vocab/grammar: You don't forget it really fast but it also isn't boring. Tips/Questions -You have to translate names, is it so you know they are names or is there another reason for it? -Let's say you don't know the word 'musta' in the sentence: 'musta koira' and you press musta to see what it means, you also see the word 'koira'. Is that for later in the course with grammatical cases? -The course seems a little short, are there coming more skills later in the beta?

I know the course just started in beta but I just wanted to say so the course maker(s) maybe can change something.

See you at checkpoint 2

P.S. If you have any questions/tips/tops please comment them so I can add them to this post making it better organized.

June 24, 2020

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Thank you for taking the time to write this! I am one of the newer contributors and looking forward to improving and extending the course.

I believe reason behind translating the names is to disclose the gender as the Finnish names can be very different from what native English speakers are used to. For example, Joni is like John and Matti is like Matthew.

When it comes to the tips, we are still working on getting things right so I believe that is just our mistake. However, you are right – grammatical cases do change both adjective and noun.

I hope you have fun studying Finnish!

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