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  5. "A coffee, please."

"A coffee, please."

Translation:Kahvi, kiitos.

June 24, 2020



I'm only a beginner, but something keeps urging me to write "kahvia" instead.


"Kahvia" is an undefined amount of coffee, so if you're asked to translate "A coffee" then you know it must be just kahvi


So then coffee is not always a mass noun and can mean "a cup of coffee" as well, I see, thanks.


Exactly! We might have just "coffee" for sale in some kiosks etc and maybe sizes so you can say "Yksi iso kahvi, kiitos"(one large coffee please). "Juon ensin tämän kahvin loppuun", I will first finish drinking this (cup of) coffee. If you said "Kahvia, kiitos", they could get very confused haha.

Oh I should mention though, if you want to add the "cup of" into the Finnish translation, then you want to say "Yksi kuppi kahvia, kiitos". It's a strange language...


Kahvi, kiitos should mean Coffee, Thank you. Why it is translated to "please"?


Because we don't have a word for "please" and we use "kiitos" instead.


Does "ole hyvä" work?


"Kahvi, ole hyvä" would mean "Here is your coffee" or "One coffee, here you go". So, it works, but has a different meaning.

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