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" Onko tämä kasvi myrkyllinen? On."

Translation:– Is this plant poisonous? – Yes, it is.

June 24, 2020



It may sound a bit curt, but a plain "Yes" should be acceptable as the reply to the question.


Surely if the english is "yes it is" then the finnish should be "kyllä, se on"?

[deactivated user]

    There is no yes, the affirmative of onko is on so is this, is answered by it is


    Kind of agree. In English 'Yes, it is' is better, in Finnish on the other hand, 'On' is perfectly ok.

    I got this one wrong myself, misled by Finnish. I can imagine other non-native English speakers having the same problem.


    This. Just yes is ok in English.


    I agree. The meaning in Finnish is clearly what in English would be answered simly, if curt, "Yes". Also it might occur in a critical situation


    Just "Yes " is clearly the meaning of the Finnish answer. Plus the admittedly curt "yes!" might easily be the english response in a particular situation when someone was about to touch or eat some poisinous plant.


    Well, yes and no. The thing is that the Finnish answer On is not curt in any way. It's a perfectly normal answer, fit for any situation. The longer Kyllä, se on would simply sound weird. So what is being taught here is that the longer Yes, it is translates to just On in Finnish. They're equivalent. Just Yes is not equivalent to On in this context, because in English it sounds curt. So the important part to learn is that you can respond to questions like this in a much shorter way in Finnish than English, without being rude in any way.


    Thanks again for the nice clarification. But it need not be curt in an emergency situation, just apposite


    Was marked wrong for "is this a poisonous plant? Yes it is", can anyone help me understand why?


    It's a different structure in both languages. Yours would be something like onko tämä myrkyllinen kasvi


    I kind of find it amusing that people argue about how things are responded to in English. This isnt an English course, its a Finnish course. What may be "typical" or acceptable in English does not necessarily mean it is in Finnish.

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