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  5. "Hello! I am Otso."

"Hello! I am Otso."

Translation:Terve! Minä olen Otso.

June 24, 2020



Is the Mina optional?


Yes, you can say "Olen Otso". And it is, in fact, more natural to do so. The word "olen" already tells the listener that you are talking about yourself.

I: minä olen You: sinä olet He/she (it): hän (se) on We: me olemme You: te olette They: he (ne) ovat

These of course have all kinds of alternatives in spoken language. For instance, I'd probably use "mä oon" or just "oon" to express "I am", but I do use "olen" as well.

Note that 3rd person pronouns (hän, se, he, ne) are usually not left out.


So this is like Spanish? You can drop the pronouns if you want, (also, it sounds more natural and common by doing it?), then:

Minä olen Otso
Yo soy Otso

I now can see that Finnish and Spanish are too similar, first the pronounciation is quite similar and now this! :D


Exactly my thoughts -as a native spanish speaker- :)


Yes. In Finnish the verb form expresses the subject, similar to Spanish, for example, so the pronoun is optional.


Can I greet people saying 'Moi' or 'hei' ? -Because I thought that usually boys use 'Terve' . So it might sound strange from a girl but maybe it has regional usage and things have changed a bit during the last few years...


I don't think there are any noteworthy gender differences in the usage of greetings. And Finnish society in general is egalitarian enough anyway that you're not likely to get the hairy eyeball for not conforming to gender roles.


To be fair, I don't think I've heard a woman say "moro" many times... Still, I'm sure that in Finnish the choice of greeting has usually much more to do with the speaker's age and local dialect than gender.


That is true. And situation too, of course.

I often use "moro" in a kind of jokey way, but I do use it. My go-to greetings are "moi" (moikka) and "hei" (heips, heissan, heipä hei). "Terve" gets some use as well.


I think nobody says "moro" ouside Tampere (city) region :D No matter the gender


Absolute sentences like ones involving "nobody" are always a risk for embarrassment. I've heard plenty of "moro" in Uusimaa over the years, and also some in Turku too.

If there's regional variation, it's more complex beyond just Tampere vs everyone else, and not absolute. More likely it's mostly personal variation, with some variation by friend groups etc. thrown in too.


Isnt hello=Hei and not terve?


It can be both.


I said Tekke, not Terve. It would be helpful to be told what we actually said as well as what it should be, kiitos


"tekke" doesn't mean anything in standard Finnish. "(hän/se) tekee" means "(he/she/it) does", and that changes to "tekke" in some dialects.

In an ideal world a language-learning app might be able to do that, but I don't think you understand how enormous a request it is. It would have to be able to understand speech much better than it currently does, and actually check many times more possibilities rather than just checking whether what you say roughly matches what they have stored for the word.

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