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  5. "Hilla on suomalainen nainen."

"Hilla on suomalainen nainen."

Translation:Hilla is a Finnish woman.

June 24, 2020



'Suomalainen' has no gender and can also be used to refer to things. You can use it with a noun or alone.


Hilla on suomalainen = Hilla is Finnish / Hilla is a Finn.

Tämä lamppu on suomalainen = This lamp is Finnish.

Also with a noun:

Suomalainen ruoka on hyvää = Finnish food is good.


Hilla on myös (suomalainen) marja / Cloudberry is a also a (Finnish) berry :)


Ja Marja on myös suomalainen nainen :v


Can "suomalainen" alone be considered as "Woman Finnish"? Or you forcly need to specify "Nainen" after it?

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"Suomalainen" is gender neutral. "Suomalainen mies" = a Finnish man


Not exactly, but the sentence would be correct and the general meaning would be the same. Hilla on suomalainen. = Hilla is Finnish/a Finn. TBH, I don't see much of a point in adding mies/nainen


Man, finnish is easier than I thought. I always take some lessons in new courses here, but I never keep practicing most of them. I think I want to learn finnish after this lessons. I know it'll become harder further but I started hungarian and finnish at same time, I can say I remember almost all words I learned in finnish but for hungarian I can't remember even how to say "hi".


Do indefinite articles exist in Finnish?


there are no articles in Finnish


Is it a coincidence that both words end in -ainen? Is this a case ending?

  1. No. The ending of nainen is -nen rather than -ainen.
  2. No. -lainen (not -ainen) is a suffix for creating adjectives from nouns.
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