"Avec cette fausse moustache, elle me reconnaîtra ?"

Translation:With this false mustache, will she recognize me?

June 24, 2020

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Fake mustache!


This is yet another US/UK split, and interestingly, Duo defaults to the more British version this time.

US English has a strong preference for "fake mustache", British English has a similarly strong preference for "false moustache".

This isn't an absolute thing, so you may hear either variant on either side of the Atlantic. Obviously, both are correct.


This leads me to wonder why we (Americans) prefer fake mustache, but false teeth, false advertising, false sense of security, etc. Everytime I think I have pinpointed the difference in useage, I think of another example that contradicts my hypothesis.


Pourquoi pas "moustache fausse"?


It seems "faux/fausse" often goes before the noun to mean "fake/false".

Collins dictionary also shows:
fausse joie - misplaced joy (noun)
fausse modestie - false modesty (noun)
fausse note - wrong note (noun)
faux ami - false friend (noun)
faux frère - traitor (noun)


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Good question.

I would say "moustache fausse", because adj before noun means subjective, and after noun means objective. "fake mustache" should be absolutely fake regardless who says.


false moustache. I would prefer fake moustache (yes I spell moustache differently)


Completely bizarre that Duo not only suggests, but requires "false mustache" lol. People from the UK would say "false moustache" and Americans would say "fake mustache". Literally nobody on Earth would say "false mustache". where did this sentence come from?


First, a lot of people on Earth do, in fact, say false mustache. And mustache and moustache are both used in English. Google it if you don't believe me.

Second, Duolingo doesn't "require" a single combination. False, fake, mustache, and moustache are all accepted in any combination.


This is a fair enough literal translation but it's not a form we would generally use outside Duo. We would turn it around: Will she recognise me with this false moustache?

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