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  5. "I have a bunny."

"I have a bunny."

Translation:Minulla on pupu.

June 24, 2020



I would roughly divide the words like this:

• Bunny = Pupu (and its derivatives); often - but not only - used by/with children of either wild or pet animals; has a "cute" connotation

• Pet bunny = Kani/ Lemmikkikani

• Rabbit = Jänis (wild) / Kani (pet)

• Hare = Rusakko (wild)


Would minulla pupu be accepted since minulla means "I have a"?


I believe the (Finnish) word on is required. If you try to "disect" the sentence, minulla means something like "on me". The -lla suffix is like (the English word) "on". For me it helps to think like this: On me, is a bunny.


'pupu' is fine, but the excact word would be 'kani' or 'jänis'


I think jänis fits more to hare, which you find in the wild


Im also on Team Kani. No bunnies anywhere when google imaging "pupu".


I get nothing but bunnies when I search Finnish pages for pupu using Google image search. Try this search: pupu site:fi


Kani means rabbit not bunny, you wouldn't call a baby sheep a sheep you'd call it a lamb :0)-<


That analogy is hard to follow, since a bunny is not necessarily a baby rabbit. A bunny is an affectionate synonym for rabbit. It's what children may call a rabbit, and has the "cute" connotation mentioned above by user Haku. As I understand it the Finnish "pupu" is not necessarily a baby version of rabbit either.

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