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  5. "I do not need a man."

"I do not need a man."

Translation:Ik heb geen man nodig.

August 3, 2014



I'm a strong woman and I don't need no man!


Ik ben een sterke vrouw, en Ik heb geen man nodig!!!

Please, feel free to make any suggestion or correction to my translation, =D


lol It is the habit of always writing in uppercase "I"...


Is there a way to say this with "niet"? or is "I need no man" pretty much the way to go?


This is the way to go. :) If you want to negate a word preceded by een, simply turn een into geen. Full explanation on when to use niet and geen here.


In theory you could say: Een man heb ik niet nodig But that slightly changes the structure of the sentence (A man, I do not need)


"ik nodig een man niet " is wrong can someone please help me understand why or would it be best to start over from scratch using the duolingo website instead of the app? because there are no tips and notes and also it's seems everyone is learning with the website instead, is that true? cuz I'm in level 8* but still don't get somethings? thanks to who ever answers


Hi Princess,

As you're asking several things, I'll try to stay organised (I tend to beat about the bush).

• In your sentence, ik nodig een man niet, there are two problems:

<pre> - *There's no verb.* The verb *need* (in the sense of requiring something because it's very important or essential) in Dutch is *nodig hebben*. Notice that *nodig* literally means *necessary*. In a sentence you need to conjugate *hebben* and keep it next to the Subject (in this case, *ik*).), and *nodig* goes **after** the Direct Object (the thing/person that the Subject needs). - To negate a noun phrase that begins with *een* (in this case, *een man*), you need to use *geen* instead of *een*. </pre>

So, the sentence becomes:

Ik heb geen man nodig.

• I think it's very important that you try to use the desktop version of Duolingo every now and then, especially when you begin a new skill, because the Tips and Notes are very clear and they explain a lot of points that are otherwise rather obscure. Note that when loghing into the desktop version with your username and password, all your progress is saved, so you don't need to start from scratch.

I've completed both the Dutch and the French trees, but using two different approaches: with the Dutch tree, I used mainly the desktop version, because I wanted to have a more solid knowledge of how the language works (of course, I used grammar books and other resources as well). I use the app just to strengthen, and currently I only log into the desktop version every now and then to check my notifications.

With the French tree, as my goal was just to gain a general idea of the language, I used solely the app. But French grammar isn't as difficult as Dutch grammar, so...

Hope this helps.


Sorry, I don't know why the formatting of my third and fourth paragraphs got all screwed up. (The ones beginning with 'There's no verb...' and 'To negate a noun phrase...').


Thanks a great deal. I suppose I need to learn and practice more but I really appreciate taking your time to help me out like this.


You're most welcome :)


Yes it did. And thank you.

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