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  5. "Musti on valkoinen koira."

"Musti on valkoinen koira."

Translation:Musti is a white dog.

June 24, 2020



This is a word play: Musti is derived from musta (black) and means Blacky or Blackey (minus any negative connotations those might have).


My stuffed toy dog Musti from my childhood is white as snow (and the name always amused adults). I actually once almost lost it in kindergarten yard in winter because it blended into its surroundings so perfectly.


I have to say that I keep hearing valkoinen as if it began with a b- instead on a v-. Is it just my ears or is betacism (the change of v- into b-) a thing in Finnish? Kiitos!


It should be only v and no sound of b at all. Computer voice did it again... V as in "voice".


I see, kiitos!

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