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"a green pepper"

Translation:vihreä pippuri

June 24, 2020



I was under the impression that "pippuri" is pepper that is the spice, and "paprika" is pepper that is the vegetable (bell pepper), with the green pepper spice specifically being called viherpippuri. Please explain me where I'm wrong because I am a little confused.


You are absolutely correct. Vihreä pippuri is not a real name for that spice, but viherpippuri. Maybe if you have viherpippuri in your hand and you say to someone "look, this pepper is green" as an observation, then it is correct. But then you are just referring to the color and not identifying the spice.


This should be vihreä paprika


This is not correct. One doesn’t say a green pepper when talking about the spice. The translation should be vihreä paprika.


Would a better translation of vihreä pippuri be a green peppercorn?

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