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"Australialainen pari grillaa usein yhdessä."

Translation:The Australian couple often barbecues together.

June 24, 2020



The order of the words in english is wrong. "The Australian couple often barbeques together" is not accepted.


barbeque and grill should be accepted as equal translations of "grillata".


i think you should be able to swap the words 'barbecues' and 'often' over and it should still be accepted


I am a native English speaker and I would use the singular rather than the plural i.e. barbecue or grill


Me too, although the plural sounds right too - American!


The lialai structure of australialainen is never going to come naturally to me. I mean it is (like all of Finnish) spelled exactly like it sounds but I have to listen hard for each letter each time. Most things eventually learn, and will this, too.. but wow that is a mental block for me!

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