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"Would you like to go to that restaurant?"

Translation:Haluaisitko käydä tuossa ravintolassa?

June 24, 2020



Would "haluaisitko mennä tuohon ravintolaan" work or is it awkward?


I am a native Finish speaker. "haluaisitko mennä tuohon ravintolaan" should be correct. And no, it is not awkward. "haluaisitko sinä mennä tuohon ravintolaan" would be even better, but neither is accepted.


Kiitos. Olen amerikansuomalainen niin joskus en oo varma mun lauseista.


Yes, your sentence works. ''Käydä'' actually means ''visit''. Finns do say ''käydä ravintolassa'' but we also say ''mennä ravintolaan''. Beta version being beta again here.


"Haluasitteko käydä tuossa ravintolassa" should also be accepted


I think "mennä" should also be accepted, and in my opinion is more correct than "käydä."


Haluaisitko mennä tuohon ravintolaan? should be accepted.


Haluaisitteko is marked as a typo of Haluasitteko. The latter is the typo, not the former. Reported


Sinä should be accepted as well as haluaisitteko (te)


I would say that the Finns use "mennä ravintolaan" more often.


Maybe, but I think "mennä ravintolaan" isn't used when you can't actually go there right away, like when the restaurant is closed. "Käydä ravintolassa" can be used even then.


What would this mean: "haluasitko käydä tuota ravintola?"


From a native speaker, it would mean that you're too drunk to go to that restaurant. "Käydä" doesn't get a direct object when used alone, except when talking about clocks, such as "Kello käy kolmea." You could say "would you like to go and try out that restaurant?" though: "Haluaisitko käydä kokeilemassa tuota ravintolaa?" (Notice -isi- and the long aa in ravintolaa.)


Haha, okay. I misspelled "haluaisitko"! I know it's spelled that way. But thank you for your explanation! I intepret it this way:

"Haluaisitko käydä tuossa ravintolassa?" = "Would you like to go inside that restaurant?"

"Haluaisitko käydä kokeilemassa tuota ravintolaa?" = "Would you like to go and try out inside that restaurant?"

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