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"Väinö, do you have a Swedish car?"

Translation:Väinö, onko sinulla ruotsalainen auto?

June 24, 2020



Either a Saab or a Volvo. Or maybe a Koenigsegg


The hints say for "do you have" either "onko sinulla" or "onko ... sinulla". Why is the following answer wrong? "Väinö, onko ruotsalainen auto sinulla"?


That word order modifies the definiteveness of the "ruotsalainen auto" is such a way that it'd be translated as "the Swedish car", i.e. it would be a specific car. :)

"Onko sinulla autoa?" - Do you have a car? (I don't know if you have a car.)

"Onko sinulla ruotsalainen auto?" - Do you have a Swedish car. (I know you have a car, but is it a Swedish one?)

"Onko auto sinulla?" - Do you have the car? (I loaned it to you, so you have it, right?)

"Onko ruotsalainen auto sinulla?" - Do you have the Swedish car? (So we had one German car and one Japanese car... and you had the Swedish car, right?)


I typed.. Missä on Ruotsalainen auto? I got it wrong. My wife , A beautiful Finnish girl, told me, I typed... Where is the Swedish car? This helped me to under stand the use of the word Missä the tense of the word . If this mistake like the several i made in this attempt were translated into native speakers language . It could be both entertaining and very helpful.


What about "Ruotsalainenko auto sinulla on?" Or would it be more like "Is it a Swedish car that you have?"


In Estonia it is"Väinö kas sull on Rootsi auto?"


Why is it not sinulla onko?


I guess, the word which defines the question has always to come first.


Yes, since the verb "olla" (to be) has the "-kO" question ending it works as the question word and thus comes first.

"Miksi sinulla on...?" - Why do you have...?

"Mitä sinulla on...?" - What do you have..?

"Missä sinulla on...? - Where (at) do you have...?

"Minne sinulla on...?" - Where (to) do you have...?

"Onko sinulla...?" - Do you have...?



hmm i wonder if this would work in speech if you change the tone


Not really... But it could work in poems and such.


Why is oletko wrong? Is that "you are a Swedish car"?


"Sinulla on ..." literally means "on you there is ...", so the "on" always refers to the object.

Sinulla on auto. - On you there is a car.

So, if you put it into a question you have to use "onko".

Onko sinulla auto? - Is there a car on you?

"Oletko" would mean "Are you".


So what is the difference between "onko sinulla on auto" and "onko sinulla auto"?


'Onko sinulla on auto' wouldn't work, because it has the verb on twice, when it should only have it once.


Nei, se on venäläinen

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