"I am not wanting a bed."

Translation:Chan eil mi ag iarraidh leabaidh.

June 24, 2020

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It says "a bed" so why isn't is am leabaidh?


There is no indefinite article in Gaelic, so leabaidh = a bed, and an leabaidh = the bed in the nominative case.

Looking ahead, one of the reasons that Duolingo uses indefinite nouns so often in its sentences is that definite nouns after verbal noun phrases - e.g. chan eil mi ag iarraidh, where iarraidh is the verbal noun - need to go in the genitive case accompanied by the definite article in the genitive case, while indefinite nouns can remain in the nominative. So chan eil mi ag iarraidh leabaidh - "I am not wanting a bed", but chan eil mi ag iarraidh na leapa - "I am not wanting the bed", where na is the feminine definite article in the genitive case, and leapa is the genitive singular of leabaidh.


You made me realize that it will get soooo much more complicated

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