"Ajoute-moi sur Facebook, et envoie-moi un message."

Translation:Friend me on Facebook, and send me a message.

June 24, 2020

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I hate all this social media stuff. The verb should be"befriend" - "friend" is a noun. Anyway, you would never catch me on Facebook.


English loves to make nouns out of verbs, verbs out of nouns, adjectives out of everything, verbs and nouns out of adjectives, and then combine them in new combinations. While I'm a little surprised to find it so prominent here it is a word, and probably here to stay for a while.


Or send me a Friend Request...


Yeah, using "friend" as a verb seems like a pretty flaky Americanism, and as a British English speaker, it seems like really bad English. "Add me on Facebook" seems like it would be sufficient, and a better translation


Friend me?

This really makes no sense!


It does if you use social media.

Merriam-Webster: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/friend

Definition 2


But that assumes that a social network site has something called a friend request. Not all do. With some, you can add a person to a group or a circle. With some you can add a colleague or a contact. It seems very Facebook specific, and someone who is learning English from French might end up using it and sounding like someone's computer illiterate granny who is trying to get with it but misses the mark.


Has anyone tried "add me" or whichever pronoun is apt in any of these exercises? If so, how successful were you? I'm thinking of trying when I get a keyboard exercise, as opposed to the word bank I got this time.


Yes, it is accepted


Add me ... is accepted


I put: Add me to Facebook and send me a message. Marked wrong. Ajouter = to add. Weird.


Add me on Facebook is accepted


Pas sur Facebook, Duo.

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https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-french/facebook Interesting to learn that facebook can be a transitive verb to mean envoyer un message sur Facebook®. Thus, the sentence could also be translated as: Add me on Facebook, and facebook me.


I don't know why but that last option made me want to facepalm, let alone use Facebook!

I'm not averse to English (or any other language, though I don't feel I have the right to an opinion on someone else's native tongue!) changing, developing, or evolving in any way. Though I must admit to the fairly recent tendency towards deliberately saying something incorrect "just because" and have it become normal a bit annoying: e.g. "We fostered the puppy and our old boy taught him how to dog." Why not "be a dog"? But I don't bother getting riled up by it.

I'm just glad I'm not an ESL teacher who has to teach "proper" English then find myself having to explain why "to dog" in this case doesn't mean "to bother s'one". I'm also glad I'm not learning English right now!


add me on Facebook (as per drop down). I failed the English on this one although I understand the French perfectly well


does duolingo get mates' rates from Facebook?


Surely this should be "add me

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