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  5. "Anna, sinä olet hauska."

"Anna, sinä olet hauska."

Translation:Anna, you are funny.

June 24, 2020



I wouldn't translate "hauska" as funny, at least when talking about a person. Maybe just ”fun", or "nice", idk? Funny might be better translated as "hassu", and they would have more similar insinuations as well I think.


Hassu could also mean silly/goofy, and might not always be a compliment.

Fun or nice could be better, but funny is ok too in my opinion.


That's iloinen (happy in the moment, a happy personality) or onnellinen (more about being content in the long term).


The hover translations give both "funny" and "nice". So WhyTF is "Anna you are nice" wrong? Other sentences insist on "nice" as the translations.


"Hauska" never means "nice".

However, if you translate "hauska tavata" (or "hauska tutustua"), you need to use "nice to meet you" since in English you wouldn't say "fun to meet you". I think that's why the word bank also offers "nice" as a translation for "hauska".


As in funny meaning amusing, not funny meaning strange, or could it be either?


Amusing or fun to be around. Fun to do of games and events (ex. hauska peli, a fun game).

Not funny as in strange.


Is that a normal thing to say to someone in Finnish?

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