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"Kuinka moni suomalainen osaa tanssia?"

Translation:How many Finns know how to dance?

June 24, 2020



Why does it say there are four comments when only 2 are visible??? Also hahah good joke

[deactivated user]

    Kuinka monet suomalaiset...


    Moni suomalainen osaa/monet suomalaiset osaavat are both correct. But the inflections for singular/plural have to match throughout each phrase. "Monet suomalaiset osaa" is ok informally in puhekieli (and used by many people there), but not in standard Finnish (which this and most other courses focus on teaching).


    Finns and Finnish are the same.


    Correct, but Finnish can also be an adjective and is probably more often used as one. Finns is almost always a noun.


    I think "Finnish" cannot mean "Finnish people" in this sentence, at least in American English. You can say "The Finnish like their saunas", but "how many Finnish" sounds like it is missing a noun at the end.


    What else can you use Kuinka for? What does it mean by itself?


    It can also mean "how" in the sense of "in which way" or as in "how do I do this?", i.e. when you're asking about the method. "Miten" is also fairly interchangeable with "kuinka" for that meaning.


    Two to the left two to the right.

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