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  5. "Koirat etsivät lelua."

"Koirat etsivät lelua."

Translation:The dogs are searching for a toy.

June 24, 2020



"Koirat etsivät lelua." Duolingo expects "The dogs are looking for the toy", but The dogs are looking for a toy" is also correct. The Finnish sentence does not show whether they are looking for a specific, or just any toy.


Correct. I've added the missing article option. It may take a few weeks for the system to adopt it. :)


The partitive is going to do me in and we still have all the other cases to get to


Why is "lelu" in the partitive in this case? I'm a little lost.


etsiä works the same way as maalata or korjata in Home 2. The object of these verbs tell us whether the action is on-going or finished. The partitive object means that the action is on-going and the corresponding English verb is therefore in the ing form. :)

  • Maalaan taloa. I am/will be painting a/the house.
  • Siivoamme asuntoa. We are/will be cleaning an/the apartment.
  • Mummot etsivät nallea. The grandmas are/will be looking/searching for a/the teddy bear.


Thank you so much!


Leleu is it pronounced leooa ? It looks like the second "l" is mute.


It's pronounced lelua. Finnish has no silent letters.


is "The dogs are searching a toy" also okay?


That sounds like a couple of dogs working at an airport or a harbour sniffing a toy to find out if there's anything inside it. Koirat tutkivat lelua would be a better translation for that. :)


Etsivät can also be are looking for?

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