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"I cannot speak any Japanese, although I live in Japan."

Translation:En osaa puhua japania, vaikka asun Japanissa.

June 24, 2020



"I cannot speak any Japanese, although I live in Japan."

There is no "yhtään" to be selected - "any" is not being translated


japania is partitive so it is implied

[deactivated user]

    Then why is there "any" in the English? It is not needed. Not speaking Japanese and not speaking any Japanese are exactly the same thing.

    I am not a native English speaker, but from what I've gathered it's more common to just not speak a language, than not speak any of it.

    Why are they forcing the any into all of these English sentences, but none of the Finnish ones have yhtään, ollenkaan, alkuunkaan or whatever counterpart? It makes no sense for learning.


    Because partitive doesn't exist in English so we have to make do to understand it.


    I thought it was also OK to say "En osaa japania" but perhaps that is only conversational? It would be interesting to know.


    From a native Finnish point of view, it is ok.

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    reality for 90% of expats in japan

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