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  5. "No, kiitos."

"No, kiitos."

Translation:Well, thank you.

June 24, 2020



I was about to answer this like "No, thanks.."


That's a funny take on translation :d (or should I say half take)


the word 'No' is going to take me a long time to learn. I'll keep thinking of the english 'no' meaning.


No means no in Finnish too, right?


People should stop downvoting honest questions... Sigh. The Finnish 'no' is very popular interjection used with words like kiitos, anteeksi and mitä (thanks, sorry and what). It's translated as 'well', in duolingo but its meaning differs a bit in different contexts. It doesn't really have a big meaning anywhere, it's more a word we use to emphasise things and to switch from one subject to another.

No, kiitos (Oh, Thank you) No mitä? (What? or Now what?) No anteeksi (Well, sorry! <- that one's a bit sarcastic 'no') No mitä kuuluu? (Well, how are you?) No? ('Tell me', or 'stop that' depending on context and intonation)


No is "ei" in Finnish


Kyllä. Ei tarkoittaa ei.


Nah it doesn't :D


They got me hard on this one.


This is already one of the most confusing things I have to get a hang of. Do Finns really use "no" like this frequently?


Well... no. I'm super confused... but even more intrigued by Finnish!

[deactivated user]

    Kiitos sounds like a chip brand...


    Does no not mean no?


    No, it doesn't, that's "ei" and its variations.

    "No" in Finnish is one of those small interjections that fill multiple roles depending on the way they are pronounced, and is commonly translated as "well" as in "well, aren't you going to say anything?", "well, we were thinking that it would be nice to travel to the countryside" etc.


    The robotic voice doesn't exactly capture this well, since I think it sounds rather angry at being forced to say thank you here, altough you can, of course, say it that way if you are not truly grateful. :)


    No means well. As in, “Well thank you.”

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