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  5. "Millainen lemmikki Mirri on?"

"Millainen lemmikki Mirri on?"

Translation:What kind of pet is Mirri?

June 24, 2020



I thought the translation would be "what kind of pet is Mirri?"

or am I wrong?


That's correct too.


It could be understood that way, but I would say it's slightly incorrect. Mind you, I made the mistake too and being native and breezing through the exercises. :)

You would ask something like "Mikä eläin Mirri on" to ask about the species. Or "Minkä rotuinen kissa Mirri on" to ask about the breed of a cat that Mirri is.

However, "millainen" or "minkälainen" often refers to the classification of something, or calls for adjectives describing it.

Consider these two examples:

a) Mikä auto sinulla on? = What car do you have? You would answer this question with something like "Porsche Cayenne".

b) Minkälainen/millainen auto sinulla on? = What kind of a car do you have? / What is your car like? You could answer this with the category of a car, like "a sports car", or adjectives like "blue and fast".


That's fascinating because it ties the "-lainen" adjectival suffix to mikä, ergo, minkälainen/millainen is asking for an adjective rather than a noun. Looking at the etymology for "lainen" (laji + -inen) it makes even more sense. Surprisingly transparent!


I find the English construction a bit strange


"What kind of pet is Mirri?" is completely correct. It is an exact translation. Should be accepted.


Totally unnecessary to make these kind of over tricky questions. It's not helpful at all!


Not being am English native speaker I don't understand the meaning of the translation. Some suggestions are better.


from timo-opettelee's explanation, i think the answer could be cute, well-behaved, pretty, loyal etc., but not what species of animal it is.


I would like to add that "as a pet" would be "lemmikkinä". Literally there are no better translations. "I am here as a pet" would be "Minä olen täällä lemmikkinä".


wait, is there some kind of kinky role-play going on?


Doesn't have to be kinky. I have used that sentence in a bar once, when some other customer asked why I was always there.


Anyone else struggling hard to pronounce Mirri like she does?


Probably native English speakers are struggling. But Spanish, Scottish, Slavic, and many other peoples have no issues ^^


Finland is PERFECT!

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