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  5. "Suomi on kaunis maa."

"Suomi on kaunis maa."

Translation:Finland is a beautiful country.

June 24, 2020



Indeed, it's very beautiful


Näinhän se ois


Perhaps this is discussed later on in this course, but could we also use the adjective komea instead?


As a translation to beautiful? No. And I don't think I've ever heard Finland described as 'komea' [handsome]. When not talking about pleasant (male) appearance, it would imply something being grand, magnificent or tall and robust. Finland is rather petite.

In Finnish the land/country as a whole is even referred to as 'Suomi-neito' [Suomi-maiden] sometimes, because of its shape (back in the day there were two "arms" and a wider "dress").


I finally got to visit Finland, and i spent all of September there. Can confirm, it's a beautiful place, and i can't wait to return. :)

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