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  5. "How many Finns know Swedish?"

"How many Finns know Swedish?"

Translation:Kuinka moni suomalainen osaa ruotsia?

June 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Here we go again osaa ruotsia is correct yet two questions ago I put osaa suomea and it was marked as incorrect as the bot wanted osaa puhua suomea.


    Moni or monta which is right in this case?


    Moni is according to Reddit.


    I'd like an explanation here as well. Is it the case that "moni" refers more to a ratio, and "monta" refers more to an amount?

    Would "Kuinka moni suomalainen osaa ruotsia" ask for a percentage, and "Kuinka monta suomalaista osaa ruotsia" ask for a specific number (e.g. you are in a hall and need to find Finns who speak Swedish among the people there)?

    I don't think I've seen a good explanation regarding this yet, so I am somewhat confused...


    I think you are exactly right with the percentage and specific number thing, though moni can also mean a specific number.


    The diffecence is about the syntax; "monta" is the partitive form, used for attributig the targets/ objects of action (here: "suomalaista"). Rather than the agents of action, which is always in the basic form "moni suomalainen".


    Kuinka moni seems to refer to several people. Why osaavat is not accepted?


    Grammatically , moni suomalainen is singular, so it needs the singular verb osaa. If it were the plural monet suomalaiset, then it would need the plural osaavat.


    I feel like this should be accepted: "Kuinka moni suomalainen osaa puhua ruotsia?"


    Osaa puhua=know how to speak, but it was rejected. Not consistent at all.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes it's really inconsistent. Osaa puhua is to be able to speak, but it's usual to be able to a language (in the partitive) e.g osaa suomea (literally i can finnish) but it means I can speak Finnish. It seems duolingo hasn't yet fixed several problems.

      [deactivated user]

        Kuinka monta suomalaiset is technically also acceptable


        Monta suomalaiset doesn't work, since monta is partitive singular, and suomalaiset is nominative plural.

        Adjectives need to be in the same case and number as the noun they precede. So moni suomalainen, monta suomalaista, or monet suomalaiset.


        I would normally use monta and not moni.


        yes, I also put osaa puhua but was regarded as wrong


        Shouldn't paljonko be possible for how many as well?


        No, not for people at least. Paljonko would usually translate to "how much", not "how many".

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