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"Onko tämä suomalainen koira kiltti?"

Translation:Is this Finnish dog well behaved?

June 24, 2020



Kind dog= kiltti koira? Well behaved=hyvin käyttäytyvä? No? Yes?


Yes, although when people ask if a dog is "kiltti" it usually means "does you dog bite (is it aggressive)?" and thus relates to being well behaved. When someone says that a person is "kiltti" that obviously doesn't tell anything about whether that person bites others or not, instead it just means "kind". :)


What's the difference between On and Onko?


'-ko / -kö' is the yes/no question marker. There is a relevant explanation in Tips and Notes for 'The North' lesson, so I'm going to quote:


Unlike English, Finnish does not use auxiliary verbs like "to do" to start questions but a question particle. In yes/no questions, the particle -ko is added to the word that is in charge of the interrogation. Most often this word is a verb. The verb is followed by the subject.

  • Onko Ruotsi kylmä maa?
  • Is Sweden a cold country?
  • Onko sinulla suomalainen nimi?
  • Do you have a Finnish name?

Whenever the verb olla, "to be", is the chief interrogator in a sentence with several nouns as different parts of the sentence, the more complete noun or noun phrase is placed first. The first noun is usually translated with a definite and the second with an indefinite article.

  • Onko kissa viikinki?
  • Is the cat a Viking?
  • Onko viikinki kissa?
  • Is the Viking a cat?


Why are words like "that" and "the" not acceptable here in place of "tämä" they mean the same damn thing


'That' would be translated as 'tuo' and 'the' would be used if the question was simply "onko koira kiltti'. 'Tämä' means 'this'.

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