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How is Ä pronounced?

Can someone help me on the pronunciation and the transliteration of Ä?

June 24, 2020



ä is pronounced as /æ/, as in the a in "rather", "math", and "rat".


Your post is fine. But did you also read the great "Tips" before each skill ? They cover the entire pronunciation for every letter.


Like я in Russian in the word глядь but without palatalization.


not even close if we're talking about russian letters, then finnish ä is closer to э than to я


In the Russian language the ӕ sound is an allophone that appears in some words with the letter я.


To me я sounds like "ya" (or kinda like the Finnish word "ja"). I know Ä gets transliterated to я but that does not mean they make the same sound.

I don't think the suggested э matches with Ä either, it sounds like E in Finnish to me.


It might be, but ä gets often transliterated to я.


Ä is pronounced like in the world “cat”, ö is pronounced like in the world “bird “. So all you have to remember is cat and bird.


The vowel in 'bird' is /ɜː/ in most accents of English. Finnish 'ö' is /ø/, for which the lips need to be more rounded and the tongue further forward.


Basically you pronounce eee but with your mouth open like when saying aaa. For ö same thing, pronounce eee but mouth like when saying uuu.


And for those who can German, y, ä and ö are pronounced like in North German dialects.

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