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  5. "That is Pöllö."

"That is Pöllö."

Translation:Tuo on Pöllö.

June 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Pöllö on it's own means owl. If it's a person's name it's Herra or Rouva or preceeded by a first name. Here it makes no sense unless you say Owl


    Well, since it is capitalised here, it's obviously a name. Related, I had an owl toy as a child that I had imaginatively just named "Pöllö". :)


    Herra and Rouva are not commonly used in everyday language, more often they are used in a more comical sense. Also, using people's last name only is very common in workplaces and such e.g. "Onko Immonen vielä täällä?" (Is Immonen still here?)


    Im quite often told by my finnish girlfriend that im saying butt (pylly) instead of pöllö. Also Pöllönen is easily turning into herre pylly..

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