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"The country is Finland and the language is Finnish."

Translation:Maa on Suomi ja kieli on suomi.

June 24, 2020



How do you tell the difference between Finland and Finnish? Is it that countries are capitalized?


Yes, countries (and other proper names of places) are capitalized but names of languages never.


Why is partitive (suomea) not used for the language here?


Partitive is possible in this kind of sentence. If you are looking at a strange text, you could conclude: "Kieli on suomea" (This language is Finnish). On the other hand, in this case it says what is the name of the country and the name of the language (that is spoken in the country), and they shall be in the same (basic) form. Partitive is indeed a tricky case in the Finnish language.


Really is this the correct sentence? Surely it should be Tämä man on Suomi


I think tämä would be translated as "this", and since the sentence doesn't point to a country to say that it's Finland, but rather makes a distinction between the country and the language, there's no need for tämä.

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