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"Me haluamme syödä vähän pullaa."

Translation:We want to eat a bit of pulla.

June 24, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Vähän is a little as well as bit, even though no one eats a bit of pulla. Flagged


    I've never seen a pulla, is it not possible to have just a little bit of it or is it generally known that you eat the entire pulla?


    When pulla is baked in the bun form, you generally eat the entire pulla alone, but if the buns are huge (sometimes they are!) you might want to share it/them with someone. However, it's improbable that you'd eat the entire pulla when it's baked in the pitko form (braided loaf). You only eat one, two or more slices of it, when one pullapitko is usually cut into some 20–30 slices. In this sentence, "vähän pullaa" would refer to that or one or two pulla buns.


    Not sure why it's incorrect to say "a little pulla" as well as "a bit of." They mean the same thing and are both correct idiomatically.


    Both some and a little bit should be accepted. Flagged.

    (Also i highly recommend pulla, it can be baked ar home if it isn't available in your country)


    What is the difference between syödä and syötävä? I think that they have different use eventhough their translations are same, 'to eat'


    Syödä is a verb, "to eat". Syötävä is an adjective, meaning edible, or suitable to eat.


    Thank you so much for that clarification. Google didn't explain it super well


    Pulla is a specific type of cardamom bun, not a generic bun-in-general. There's a discussion somewhere else in this lesson about the merits of translating pulla, though I don't know what the final decision will be.


    So if pulla is a kind of roll, then it would be a countable noun in English. Shouldn't we say "we want to eat a few pullas"?

    [deactivated user]

      But that's not what the Finnish sentence means. It means to eat a little bit.


      so "a little bit of a pulla," then?


      It should be ok. Report if it isn't accepted.


      "we want eat a little of pulla" could be acceptable?


      No. As a native English speaker, this sounds weird.


      "A little" without the "of" would sound better, to an English speaker.

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