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"There is no raspberry in this juice."

Translation:Tässä mehussa ei ole yhtään vadelmaa.

June 24, 2020



That's not very clear, that you should use yhtään in this sentence. What would be the difference in English, if there were no yhtään?


Perhaps 'there's no raspberry at all'? I agree, 'yhtään' should be dropped from the sentence.


Yes, "yhtään" is not needed when translating this English sentence into Finnish. I'm a native speaker and I would not use "yhtään" here unless I really wanted to emphasize that there is zero raspberry in the juice, but the English sentence does not emphasize it that way.


Yhtään is not needed here and it even causes some ambiguity. The noun in "ei ole yhtään vadelmaa" could either be interpreted as uncountable (as in the English sentence) or countable but "ei ole vadelmaa" can only be uncountable. So the given Finnish sentence could mean approximately the same as the English sentence but it could also be interpreted to mean something like there are no whole raspberries floating in the juice.


This to me means something more like "there isn't a single raspberry in this juice".

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