"Would you like to drink something else?"

Translation:Voudriez-vous boire autre chose ?

June 24, 2020

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This is an inaccurate translation.

"Would you like to drink something else?" → "Voudriez-vous boire quelque chose d'autre?". (Accepted.)

"Voudriez-vous boire autre chose ?" → "Would you like to drink anything else?".

The latter is the question that is asked at Last Orders (or if you look as if you are about to leave), NOT if you want to change what you're drinking.


Why is "Tu voudrais autre chose à boire ?" incorrect?


Why not - Voudriez-vous boire quelque chose de plus? I don't think that the context is - Sorry, we ran out of Allendale wolf. Would you like to drink something else?


You misunderstand, it is would you like to change, not we want/need you to change.


What's wrong with "voudriez-vous boire une autre chose"?


That is "Would you like to drink another thing?" (or "one other thing"), which is a rather eccentric way to express it.


I had a lot of trouble with this one, but eventually I had "Voudrais-tu boire autre chose?" accepted. I don't know if I maybe missed out the hyphen or something. Hope this helps someone.


Is there no way to use the tu form for this sentence at all? If so, that would be a nice thing to have pointed out, Duo... Yeah, mon petit hibou, I'm looking at you.

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