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"Kanadalainen grillaa tomaattia."

Translation:The Canadian is grilling a tomato.

June 24, 2020



"The Canadian" and "the Canadian person" are both correct in this context.


Does Canada have animals that can grill? Why the person part?


Wouldn't be ok to say "The Canadian grills..."?


It's possible in theory, but in practice it's incredibly unlikely. :)


He grills and he is grilling are both valid, but "is grilling" better conveys an ongoing but not completed process.


I've seen somewhere that when the object is in the partitive in means the verb is also in the continuous, since is an action that is not finished, but it's also not a general statement? I'm not too sure though


Since it's partitive, is it also correct to infer that there are some tomatoes? Or is partitive + plural together different?


There is very likely only a single tomato. The partitive plural would be tomaatteja. The partitive is used here to indicate that the action is ongoing and incomplete. Hence the "ing" in "grilling". :)


Would that be possible to include this explanation in this lesson? It is very difficult for us beginner learners to understand when to use "grills" or "is grilling"


Those English verb forms have different ,what are called, aspects. The verb aspects vary from language to language. Finnish aspects differ, and to my knowledge are not taken up on this basic course at all.

Having said that grillaa can mean "gills", "is grilling" and even "will grill" depending on the context.


I don't know why I was under the impression that tomato was a countable noun and so it didn't took the partitive? (or other fruits, for that matter). Or is it just depending on the meaning?


In this sentence, tomato is in partitive to signify that grilling is an ongoing and not completed process, which is also why grillaa gets translated in present progressive in English.


will keep that in mind for when I run out of makkara.


How can you grill a tomato ?


Easy. Brush both sides of a slice with olive oil, toss it on the grill for a few seconds per side. You can grill almost any vegetable. Grilled eggplant is good, too.


Jep, grilled salt-dried eggplant is delicious, but takes time to prepare and is not as easy as it sounds.


You can leave out rhe salting if you dip the sluces in beaten egg before grilling. And it adsorbs less oil in frying


Apart from the fun cooking tips... I think also leaving out the "a" is also just fine, unless the finnis demands a singular statement. Leaving the "a"out makes it ambiguos id it is one or many tomatoes.


It does demand. Here the case of the object defines the quantity.

  • Kanadalainen grillaa tomaattia. : one tomato
  • Kanadalainen grillaa tomaatteja. : many tomatoes or pieces of tomatoes when you cannot say how many there are


Thanks Juha, The phrase "The Canadian grills tomato" in English does not refer to number. It is a generalised action statement , could be one, could be bits, could be hundreds. It's unspecified. Is there a non-specific equivalent in Finnish?


I would say that the one with the partitive object

  • Kanadalainen grillaa tomaatteja.

is the best choice for a generalised action statement. This is actually a case where many native speakers make an error. During a summer there are sales booths at lay-bys where blueberries, peas and so on, but above all strawberries are sold. Quite often you see a sign

  • Mansikkaa 300 m

indicating that there is a strawberry sales booth at the next lay-by (300 m or whatever the distance is). If taken literally there is a single strawberry at sale :-(


I've been pondering over that too! I guess you remove the sausage (makkara) from the grill, then throw oiled tomatoes on it. It will probably create an ugly mess, so do tomado's last


Take a piece of tinfoil, make it to a bowl-shape form and put some oil and spices, e.g. olive oil and black pepper (keep it simple), onto it. Fold the tomatoes into the foil and make it a small bag. The tomatoes will become ready quickly, so put the bag onto the grill ,say, five minutes before the sausages become ready. Open the bag so that the steam comes out and the tomatoes get barbequed instead of boiled in their own juice. Serve hot.

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