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  5. "Ne elävät yleensä metsässä."

"Ne elävät yleensä metsässä."

Translation:They usually live in a forest.

June 24, 2020



The suggested correct answer "They usually live in a forest." is not very natural English. "the forest" sounds better, and carries the same "some undefined forests" meaning of the Finnish.


I think it is fine here, as it would mean they live in a forest in general, not some specific forest


No, it should be "the forest" for proper English.


Disagree. Either a or the make perfect sense and are grammatically fine in english.

Could be the nasty neighbors '... they usually live in a forest' (given their lousy behaviour - for example) - it generalises their likely place of residence, or bears '... in the forest', it specifies their place of residence.


Should be "in the forest"


'The' forest, 'A' forest... it really doesnt matter, people. They both work perfectly well in English.


Reported it again today


I doubt that sending the same report multiple times makes the process any quicker.


Eläin ELÄÄ, ihminen ASUU. is the difference right ?


Well, no, but yes as well. "Elää" is "to live, to be alive" in a more general sense while "asua" is more like "to live, to dwell" in a house or an apartment but also in a nest etc. So you can use both for people as well as animals. But when talking about living conditions, you are much more likely to use "asua" for people and "elää" for animals.

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