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"I keep watching and watching the two dark clouds."

Translation:Minä katselen ja katselen kahta tummaa pilveä.

June 24, 2020



I got three options for this "I keep watching and watching the two dark clouds.", but none of them was actually a correct translation.


The English is wrong. It could be, "I keep watching the two dark clouds" or, "I watch the two dark clouds."


For the translation to be correct, we need two more words in the selection: "ja" and "katselen".


The sentence in Finnish just translates to "I watch the two dark clouds".


"I keep watching" would be the best translation. Can justify "I am watching and watching", but having keep and repeating the verb in the same sentence is completely redundant. All similar sentences should be corrected.

[deactivated user]

    Why is two conjugated here into partitive? Since we know the exact amount of clouds?

    [deactivated user]

      The Finnish really doesn't make sense here's


      "I watch and watch two dark clouds."

      The repetition of the verb feels unnatural and as such is at least a very clumsy translation. There is also no definite word used to signify the person watching 'those two dark clouds", it could be any two dark clouds.


      Cant really say "watch and watch" because continuity of the action is implied here, and watch doesn't show that. Did they accept that option? You can say "I am watching and watching" (although it is not very common, it is grammatically correct) or, better yet, "keep watching".

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