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"Huh hikeä! Minulla on tosi kuuma."

Translation:Phew! I am really hot.

June 24, 2020



This... sounds more like slang, and even then I'd say hiki in almost every similar phrase. 'Nyt on hiki', for example.


I agree. This phrase is alien to me. If it's slang, it's extremely uncommon. Coming from a guy in his late twenties who has lived in multiple parts of Finland, and I had to google what "huh hikeä" means.

Correct (common) type to phrase it is "nyt on hiki" like you said; or "huh mikä hiki". Maybe even "huh kun on hikeä".


Another native, this isn't an expression I've ever heard either. Apparently some tabloids like using it sometimes when announcing very hot weather, but I rather make a point to avoid the "iltalööppi" journalism... "Huh!" as an exclamation already carries the meaning of "phew" for me.

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