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  5. "Minulla on nyt koira."

"Minulla on nyt koira."

Translation:I have a dog now.

June 24, 2020



"Minulla on nyt koira" is the most common/neutral word order and works pretty much in any scenario.

• Guess what? I have a dog now! [Arvaa mitä? Minulla on nyt koira!]

Moving 'now' to the beginning of the sentence could emphasize the current situation over something in the past or future.

• Before I only had guinea pigs; now I have a dog. [Ennen minulla oli vain marsuja; nyt minulla on koira.

'Nyt' could be at the end of the sentence, but to me it sounds a bit unnatural and closer to "right now" [juuri nyt], "at the moment" [tällä hetkellä] or "nowadays" [nykyään].

• I can't just leave the front door open anymore - I have a dog now. [Enää en voi vain jättää ulko-ovea auki - minulla on koira nyt.]


Wow this is exactly the way it is in German with "jetzt = now".


Why does 'nyt' come before and not after 'koira'?


And how would you say "Now I have a dog"? It was rejected for me even though it means exactly the same.


It is just most likely the fact thats it's in Beta. Just report it for now. "Nyt minulla on koira" is perfectly fine to write


You can also say in Finnish "Nyt minulla on koira". In any case, I think these sentences mean the same thing and "Now I have a dog" should be accepted too.


Yup rejected for me too


I now have a dog.


This is incorrect, you can say "Minulla on koira nyt" or "Nyt minulla on koira" but nobody would say it as described in the example. Technically ok, but nobody would ever say it.

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