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  5. "Hello! I am Tyyne."

"Hello! I am Tyyne."

Translation:Terve! Minä olen Tyyne.

June 24, 2020



Hello! The answer: "Terve! Sina olet Tyyne" was accepted (as "typos"), yet probably shouldn't, as it is bigger mistake than typo.


Keyboard tip! Add that language you're studying to your own phone as a system language and switch the keyboard when typing.


Unfortunately that's a duolingo system problem, not something the contributors can fix.


I study Spanish and at times there are "special letters" needed that my phone doesn't have. It is not perfect but it's fair enough since otherwise people wouldn't be able to get to post the answers if their, for example, phone isn't capable of letting the user write a certain letter. :)


What's the different between "Olet" and "Olen"?


"Olen": I am "Olet": You are


I'm just curious. I wrote my answer "Hei! Minä olen Tyyne."(Confused with "Hello!" in Norwegian.) and I found "Hei" has same meaning with "Terve". So, is "Hei" and "Terve" are completely interchangeable? Or is there a difference between them?


There are lots of ways of greeting someone in Finnish. Terve, hei, moi, moro, morjens, moikka, päivää, and maybe a few more. I would say that terve seems a bit more formal than hei, but I would not mark you wrong for hei. Like hello versus hi in English.


Päivää olen Tyyne ,should have been accepted ?


"Päivää" means "(good) day" so it's not quite the same as "hello".

"päivä" - day

"Hyvää päivää!" - Good day!

As you can leave out the "hyvää", people often say just "Päivää!" (It's like in Japanese you say "konnichiwa" - "of this day").

The "extra ä" in "päivää" (päivä+ä) is the partitive a/ä.

In a similar fashion you can say

"(Hyvää) huomenta!" - Good morning!

"(Hyvää) iltaa!" - Good evening!

With the word "yö" (night) you often say the whole thing (Hyvää yötä!) or if you leave out the "hyvää" you put the "yö" in plural with the partitive ending, so it becomes "Öitä!". Don't ask me why though. :D


Is tyyne a male or female name?


And i have to say it is not Terva! It is Terve!

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