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"Ils ne mangent aucune sucrerie après seize heures."

Translation:They don't eat any sweets after four o'clock.

June 24, 2020



"They do not eat a single sweet after four o'clock. " rejected and reported. This is more verbatim than the "official" solution, which might better be a translation of ne....rien....

Generally, I like this new section. More challenging (at least for me) because there more listening and speaking exercises. But, there seem to be a few issues, as will anything new. Keep it up, Duo!


I thought they were saying "il ne mange..." Anything wrong with that? Thanks.


I agree. After replaying the phrase several times, there was no audible clue that the verb was third person plural (mangent). If spoken correctly, there is an oh-so-subtle difference in the -ent ending, as evidenced by other phrases in the same set in which "mangent" has a subtle end sound. This particular spoken phrase has a pronunciation error for the verb.


There is no audio error. Il mange And ils mangent sound the same. Both should be accepted.


Nothing wrong with that in the oral exercise, I just had that accepted!


"They don't eat a single sweet after four o'clock." was not accepted. Yet just before Duo insisted that "aucune" means single.


I thought it was singular too. Is there really an audible difference???


Il ne mange aucune sucrerie après seize heures. In Type what you hear, the singular sounds identical, so should be accepted.


why can't I say "they don't eat a single sweet after four o'clock"?


I'm so sick of Duo insisting on third-person plural when it sounds exactly the same as third-person singular. This is not the first time.


Be careful, because there is a difference with Some verbs. This is only a few:

Il tient, ils tiennent and similar verbs. Il met, ils mettent.... Il attend, ils attendent... Il part, ils partent....

Il bat, ils battent...


Maybe you made another mistake? Let us know what your answer was. Because Duo accepts both. So that was not the mistake that gave you the error


is " anything sweet" really wrong?


Amen to that, champguy!


The usual failure on DL's part to recognise that, sometimes, there just IS NO DIFFERENCE between the singular and plural pronunciation. You would think that, by now, they could, possibly, have worked this one out and tweaked the program appropriately. I mean, I have been doing this course for 18 months, and this continualluy comes up. Now still here, in this new tree. Pretty poor, frankly. Just gotta keep going, almost done :)


Hi Simon. I don't think I reached level 25 in 18 months.Well done! I have seen glaring errors remain in the system for a lot longer than 18 months.


I think there is a baked in glitch that messes up homophones on duolingo. This is a big problem when teaching French, which is riddled with homophones.


Here we go again. I don't eat any sweets after 4:00 p.m., now what is wrong with that?


My bad. I said I instead of they.


At this point it shouldn't matter aussi3931.


Why not "a single sweet" vs "any sweets"?


So, I got this as "sucrerie" without "s", so I assumed that it is "sweet" (singular noun) rather than "sweets" (plural noun). If French does not work that way, then English does, because of the word "any", so the singular noun must be used. Why is "any sweet" wrong here?

Edit: Oh, nevermind, I said "before" for après -- that is where I went wrong


Even with 'before' , 'sweet' wasnot accepted


seize heures is six o'clock not four o'clock


16.00 i.e. 4 pm.


Seize is sixteen rather than six.


Yes, this whole topic mixes 12 hour clock with 24 hour clock. It would have been better to be consistent.


You're absolutely right aussie, it would have been way better ...but after 4+ years on Duo I have come to realise that the only consstant on Duo is their INconsistency!

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