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  5. "You are an honest woman."

"You are an honest woman."

Translation:Olet rehellinen nainen.

June 24, 2020



I disagree that "teitittely" would be outdated. It is actually quite widely used, but mostly in certain situations, e.g. in interviews or public discussions, especially in news broadcasts. I use it always with older people that I do not know. According to me, it would be really weird to say "sinä" to a 80-90 years old person I do not know. But this is my opinion. There are, of course, different ones.


I put sinä olet, why is that wrong?


last word in this example means wizard, not woman


Why is it olette in stead of olet?


It's called "teitittely". You are being polite/respectful and thus using "te" instead of "sinä" to refer to the person you are talking to. "Teitittely" is not very common in Finnish nowadays, but it's the basically the same as using "vous" in French, "usted" in Spanish or "Sie" in German and so on.


I got "olet". But the plural form "olette" could also be used when being polite and respectful, towards an (older) stranger most likely, or maybe in formal occasions. It is a bit like the French usage of "vous" for polite singular you, though not nearly as frequently used, and a little outdated. Not even all Finns know anymore how to use this respectful form correctly. This custom of using the second person plural when speaking politely and respectfully to someone (that is, just one person) is called "teitittely" in Finnish.


According to Wikipedia: "Te olette" is used to address many persons, or to address politely, formally one person.


It's the plural form. I'm kinda confused as to why it's used here though. As far as I know, addressing a single person with plural (as a sign of respect) is considered pretty much outdated in Finland today. But somebody might prove me wrong.


I got this in the form of a 'Select the correct translation' exercise, and the Best Translation ('Olet rehellinen nainen') wasn't included:

And I didn't recall having already been taught 'te olette', so this was quite a confusing experience. I actually thought it was a bug at first!


It seems to be corrected now. "Te olette" is not wrong but it's not the everyday-option anymore, so "sinä olet" is better for these practices.


It dinged me wrong for sinä olet!

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