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"Son ex ne payait ni l'eau ni l'électricité !"

Translation:Her ex didn't pay for either the water or electricity!

June 24, 2020



I don't understand why this translation states "l'eau" = the water but "l'èlectricitè" omits the definite article and translates simply as electricity. I assume that the context of this statement is payment of utilities. Can anyone explain to me why the difference in treatment? Thanks.


Hmm...I guess there isn't something specific to explain here. I mean you loads of combinations as it could be "water or electricity" or "the water or electricity" or " water or the electricity" or " the water or the electricity".


I am still awaiting clarity on this.


The imperfect is used here but in the preceding example, "she never paid for" the perfect is used. Why?


In this sentence,we know it stopped and started in the past, since it's about her "ex". Also, we know it was a repeated action because utility bills are paid monthly.

So, past action + repeated action = imparfait tense.


"ton" ex.... "son" ex.... What ? You want to repeat please

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