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I won Diamond League with 4700 XP

Wow, I've been using the phone app every day for 137 days now. My account says I've been a member for 3 years but I don't have any memory of using it before recently, and judging by some comments here it has changed quite a bit anyways. I didn't have any sort of points or credit in any case.

I was preparing for a trip to France planned for May 2020. Needless to say, that all got cancelled, but by then I was already enjoying learning so much, I just kept going.

I was several weeks in before I even discovered and figured out leagues and achievements. By the time I did, I had gone right by a light blue league and was so mad that achievement would be forever not done... because I had no idea another league would use that color too, or what diamond league even was yet, LOL!

I didn't find winning leagues very hard, just motivating, so enjoyable. I still hadn't even found stories. Then I finally got into diamond league. I was so happy to see that I hadn't actually gone by the light blue league in the achievements panel...

Then I noticed people getting more XP in a day than I could get in a week! So I just kept myself in the middle of the pack and went about my business, confident I'd never win it.

Last week I noticed it wasn't too hard to get to the top and on day 3 I noticed I could get quite a lead. I put a lot of time into it, but because I never paid much attention to the actual numbers, I didn't realize how lucky I was actually having it.

I was SO GLAD to get this achievement over with because all week I didn't feel like I learned much. But the very first day of this week, someone beat my total for all of last week ON THE FIRST DAY. Now I really see I was very lucky last week!

I haven't been on the website before and didn't know I could make my learning WAY HARDER by typing instead of using word bank. Ouch - wondering if I should start over! That is a game changer!

I'm very conflicted about winning diamond league. I felt it was impossible, so I'm proud of myself, but then again I was just randomly in a group that was not highly motivated? I felt I put a lot of time into it, but now I found out super high numbers are a sign of cheating? I'm glad I didn't but also figured out stories have more points than lessons.

I prefer lessons altho stories are fun and they're written in a cute way. At first I thought story points kept increasing so that must be how some XPs are so astronomical - but when I got to 28 point stories I noticed the point increases stopped. Plus after a few, they got too hard for me, so glad I'm back to lessons for now!

Glad I don't have to think about it anymore. I see others don't like it. To them I would say if you're driven to achieve it, just pick a good group and week where nobody is cheating (pure luck) and get it done. Then you can forget about it and get back to learning!

Maybe I can use some french here in Canada too? Just don't want it to hurt my France french as apparently they're quite different.

Hopefully I can get to France next year.

June 24, 2020



I have been to France before. Beautiful country. People over there treat you differently if you speak France (In a good way.)


cool, makes me want to go to France more!


"If you speak French" ^^


I have been before, and I remember thinking I could learn MUCH faster if I stayed there, but I was just 3 quick days... and had a french accent for like 2 weeks after!! LOL!!

I remember thinking wow my school teacher was not super over doing her accent... they really enunciate in a fully french way, LOL!

This was a revelation to me :)


Can i know what is after getting #1


@PARI127569 Nothing comes after, your Duolingo Leaderboard journey ends there...


Congratulations!!! I had a very similar experience in the Diamond league. I was there for months and one day I saw the opportunity to win. I am also conflicted about it, I worked very hard to do it and it was very stressful.


Aww you really get it then :) Well it's like a respect thing, now that I have it, I feel a bit proud about it, LOL! Congrats on doing it the "right" way? I KNOW it was a stress, but it's worth a bit of stress for this feeling and we don't have to do it again (hopefully ever!) hehe


I won it with 3500XP. It took me about 28 hours, 16 hours this weekend. So around 4 hours / day on average. The person in second place had 2600XP.

Now I'll return to a more normal learning schedule, learning one or two hours a day at most.

I'll try to remain in the diamond league, but I'll let other people win it too, in fact I'll make sure I don't win it again, no point in ruining other people's fun.


That’s a really good outlook you have. I 100% agree. I ended up winning this week with 21,040 xp. My “foe” had 18,642 and could have beat me or at least had a chance if he wouldn’t have given up on Friday evening.


Congrats- foe might have had weekend plans in place. Feels GREAT huh? :) took me a whole week to calm down from getting it over with LOL last time I was that relieved I had passed my motorcycle skills test!


You should probably wear a helmet for both activities



I finally topped a Diamond League today. Had to get about 6000 points to do it. I'm usually around the top ten, but there's always one or two with absolutely insane numbers so I never even tried for number one. This week, though, I saw there were a couple of guys who tended to hover between 500 and a thousand a day and so, provided they didn't do more than usual, I'd have a chance.

I did do a fair bit more than usual, but I also felt I learned a lot. Won't be keeping up that level anymore - but that's mainly because I'm feeling like now's the time to be varying my learning materials and I'm trying out some reading in French, which is so far going very well.

Anyway, even if it's meaningless in a practical, it was good motivation and I'm just as happy as you to get that achievement.

Congratulations, again, and let's hope you do indeed get to France and can use all this one day!


Thanks Richard and many congrats to you too! Nice timing for you and seeing an opportunity and going for it... same as me. Well done us!


Thought winning out of my abilities and normally was and don’t think will win again. But 2020 Thanksgiving week apparently no one was watching or even cared. I got ahead and won it with 5200 points. Second place was 1912 points and so I had quite a margin. Noticed tonight, a Friday that someone has 11,000+ points. Back to normal.


Congrats on first place!! I've been in Diamond league for months now, but can't get that coveted spot. The person in the top spot this week currently has almost 17,000 points, and still three days and change to go. I estimate that, assuming she has Plus (because you get a few extra points per lesson), and assuming she got every single thing right every single time, she would have to be doing lessons nonstop for about thirty hours a day to arrive at that number. :P Congratulations again!! Here's hoping we all get there one of these days when we each hit a group of honest players. I mean, obviously it's not what's important, but it is cool to hit those landmarks.


the top guy in my leaderboard has 9000xp.


wow thats quite alot


It's a bot. Most of them are usually bots.


Me and the other guy in Diamond are both almost at 20,000 xp and we are not bots. Lol


So, it's just a coincidence that everyone in your league does their lessons at the EXACT same time as you? And that they are online 24/7? Do you know the other guy? Have you met him? I don't mean to start drama, just saying...


Wow...c'est beaucoup...


ikr @leona122902


Cool, I won Diamond with 6969 XP NOT joking.


WOW...I've got 500 Xp or something


How’s your french going and actually going there? Updates?


Hey Jay! I'm doing modules 3/4/5 in section 4 with 454 crowns at the moment. Yesterday I was asked a question in French online and was able to answer it correctly without looking it up. Feel very good about that. Hoping to return to France in 2022.

How's it going for you? Happy new year!


I just won first with a little over 5k. The trick is to make your move when you’re not in a super-competitive week. This week in my league three folks are fighting it out with over 2000k per day! Don’t bother in a group like that.


I won with a little over 5000. I came out on the first day and scored about 1500+ points, sort of announcing that I was going to be THAT crazy person who would put in whatever it took to win. I added another 1500+ the next day. That put me far enough ahead that one bothered to challeng me. I just made sure to stay far enough ahead to make it a chore for anyone to catch me.

These people who earn 15k and more points, I don't get that.

My league this week looks chill. It's over 13 hours old and the person in first place has only 380 points. This might be a really laid back group!


Most weeks are insane. I won a week that was an off week (Thanksgiving) with about same amount as you. Actually second place was 1900+ points and 2000 would have won it. Little risky at that level as be easy to get overrun. Glad there is no higher league. Congrats


It's Thursday and I'm currently holding down first with about 1750xp... Second place is at 650xp. Fingers crossed i can smash this league and go back to my flash cards and practicing conversation with my girlfriend.


Exciting! Just stay on top of it, you can do it for sure!


It's Tuesday noon and first place in my Diamond league this week so far has only 488 points. Everyone in my league this week must have already won a first-place finish or be too laid back to care. This is nice. ;)


Good luck. Don’t sweat me, am only trying to avoid demotion.


Hopefully you can go to France next year! I am also planning to go to France soon(might take a while :( But congrats on 4700 XP!


Thanks Toby :)

I'm only on section 3? Not sure how to say it as 3 crowns mean different things depending what you're looking at.

So I have a long ways to go and much to learn still. It will probably take a year, but that's okay!


Lucky draw, every time I move up to diamond I get bumped down with over 1kxp and the person in first place has like 10k or more. Getting a pool of diamonds where 49 people didn't clear 4k is the dream. Some are clearing that much in a DAY


Just keep checking, you will get there!! I "kept up" on day 1 and 2 and by day 3 I realized I could make my big move. Then day 4 I added a bunch more... days 5 and 6 to be honest, I kind of coasted in for the win. Like I said - very lucky. Good luck to you!


I am in the obsidian league and I always park right behind the promotion zone. I don't know about the diamond league, but I've heard people saying it is some utter nutter league with people struggling to stay in. And now, I hear someone winning it with 4700 pts.


Go figure, eh? LOL


The competitiveness is OK as long as you see it as a game. I like to push myself and do a bit more lessons per day than I have in my target. But I won't practice one thing over and over as you won't progress this way. I do practice old lessons with the timer as I like to get at least 17 out of 20 right. That's when I feel that actually I know the lesson well. When I'm struggling I would retake it few days later. Going back to old lessons helps you remember all the worlds. And I like to make sure I got a crown each day.


Its not bad...Im staying there for a few months now . Last year there was a few people cheating and getting +15000 . I had a week off and spent all my time practicing and doing new lessons and I couldn't even get into first 5...now its much easier as many rules changed and you can't get lots of points just by practicing one lesson over and over again.


well done you must have been working really hard to win that


Great Job you must have worked so hard to get to that and wow, If you have to get so much XP to win the diamond league I am no way no how going to try to get there, I can not get enough XP and neither can I live without winning!


4700 is a tiny amount for Diamond. That was my point there, that others in the french group shouldn't give up because sometimes luck can come your way.

It felt like a lot to me, but I didn't game the system to do it either, so that's probably why.


How long did it take you to get 4700XP!?


I'm currently on 1037XP (1st place in the Emerald league) and It's been 4 days...


Hopefully you get your life back sometime


All week last week lol


What happens after you win the diamond league?


If you look at the top of any league you can see like 3 treasure chests like gold, silver and bronze colors? Those have lingots you win those. I'm pretty new so I have no idea what they're for... maybe something to use in pay accounts? Not sure.

After you win, you just stay there unless you drop down because of lack of study of course. You just keep learning and going :)


Lingots are used in the shop to buy things like extra lessons if you want, streak freezes, occasionally weekend amulets, and you can wager 5 to double them at the end of a 7-day streak.


Word bank? A game changer?? Please explain. How did you use it?


GFOORKvb - You click on your choice from a set of words, instead of learning how to really spell everything at first. This seems fair to use on the first time through a language tree, and then a second run with having to type everything by hand would be appropriate - like children learn how to understand and speak before they learn to write and spell, etc. Hope that makes sense.


What are you studying?


I am learning lots of languages


French, Hawaiian (cause I live here on Kauai) and Navajo.


Good luck and always be careful at that hard bend in Lauolo Road, just south of Lawaii... did they ever put some guard rail on that?!


I am so sorry, I meant O’ahu and it autocorrected to Kauai for some reason??


After this Sunday I will come back here and tell all EXACTLY how to win every single league. I did it and I’ll share on Sunday


Jay, you have had to work very hard for it! I won every league but I never had to work very hard... just waited and bide my time on the last one for an easy chance, but I'm slightly addicted to this app, so it never seemed too much I guess. Then in the end it was pure luck.

I'm confident you'll do great and if you're like me you will love getting back to learning... it's a whole new joy again for me, for sure and like I say, I only really worked for it a bit in the diamond level.

I'm not a plus member tho, so there's that. And a lot of languages don't have stories, sadly. We're lucky in the french group but even Italian doesn't have stories. Japanese either.

So french, german, spanish have stories... wonder who else does?

Good luck and see you Sunday!


the leagues should be about putting people in their subject lessons ie french not luuping everyohne together. just like classrooms. duolingo should put all 15.2 m subscribewrs into french classes leagues.

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