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  5. "We are over here."

"We are over here."

Translation:Me olemme täällä.

June 24, 2020


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So, would the Inessive 'tässä' have worked here as well? I am trying to get a feel/sense for the difference in the Superessive and Inessive cases, as used so far in the tree... Thank you for putting this course together!


Simply put, I'd say:

Täällä = here / over here (general area, or further away from the listener)

Tässä = here / right here (exact spot, or close to the listener)


"Olemme tässä." = We are here (right at this specific spot). "Olemme täällä." = We are here (in this general area).


F. ex. if you're looking at a map of a forest and you know your exact location, you can point that spot on the map and say, "Olemme tässä." But if you're not exactly sure and just know that you are somewhere between that huge swamp and the lake, you'll wave your hand generally at the area on the map and say, "Olemme täällä."

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Got it. Thanks again Kummitus!

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