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  5. "Miksi tämä kana on oranssia?"

"Miksi tämä kana on oranssia?"

Translation:Why is this chicken orange?

June 24, 2020



Kana tikka masala. Namia!


Must be a spicy boi


This should "miksi tämä kana on oranssi" in Finnish.

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Unless we're talking about a box of marinated chicken.


Sorry, I don't get the difference. Could you explain a bit clearer what determines the use of oranssi and oranssia?

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The partitive form (oranssia) is used when "chicken" is a mass noun referring to meat. If we're talking about the animal, "oranssi" would be correct here.

To make it more complicated, you would also use the partitive in sentences like "kolme oranssia kanaa", meaning the animals.


Thanks a lot but why would a partitive follow the number?


Because numbers greater than 1 always force singular partitive

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I was wondering about that. I thought that the adjective by itself is not used in the partitive form (maybe unless a verb requiring the partitive is used) and only adapts in its form to the noun it modifies.

Since it looks like you are Finnish, could you please shed some light on this? Kiitas!


Well, it does adapt to the noun it modifies, since "kana" can either refer to some undefined amount of chicken meat ("kana" as mass noun) or to a chicken.

Of course you can also use adjectives in partitive even without a noun, such as in

"Meillä on hauskaa" - we are having fun

The partitive is quite tricky, so it takes a bit of time to learn to recognise when and how it's used. :)


I don't understand why oranssia is used here. Aren't we talking about a chicken, which is one thing? Or maybe it's referring to chicken meat?


The meat. A countable animal would be oranssi


In fact, I initially wrote «Why is this hen orange?», and was rejected. Now I know why.


Unfortunately the English sentence here is ambiguous while the Finnish sentence is specifically about chicken meat, not an individual animal.


...chickened - out?


Chicken in English is often ambiguous, you need the context to clarify if bird, biryani or insult. The finnish partative clears the ambiguity.

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