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"Je vais te préparer un dessert dont je suis fière."

Translation:I'm going to make you a dessert that I'm proud of.

June 24, 2020



"Je vais te préparer" is "I am going to prepare / make you", as in my answer " I'm going to make you a dessert that I am proud of" which for some reason was rejected?


Agreed, the accepted translation(s) is/are just wrong, and the correct translation(s) are rejected. Even for Duolingo, I think that's a first, or at least the most blatantly absurd. Hopefully this'll get fixed soon!

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Yes, Duo did not accept my answer "I am going to make you a dessert that I am proud of", and said the correct response would be "I'm going to make a dessert that I'm proud of." (omitting the 'you')!!! Reported of course... Many of these new lessons have bugs.

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Duo also rejected "I am going to prepare you a dessert that I am proud of", again offering the correct response as "I'm going to make a dessert that I'm proud of."?


un dessert is masculine, fier should be the correct answer but Duo doesn't accept it


I think fière is modified by je, not un dessert.

It should still accept fier, though, since "je" can be a man.


are fier and fiere pronounced the same?


No. Fier sounds like feeay, while fière sounds out the r. Fee-errr. Listen to the pronunciations in the exercises.


Je vais vous faire un dessert dont je suis fier. was just accepted.

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