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"How many Canadians know French?"

Translation:Kuinka moni kanadalainen osaa ranskaa?

June 24, 2020



Isn't "kuinka monta kanadalaista ..." correct? And is there a difference in the meaning if partitive or nominative is used (monta ihmista or moni ihminen)?


Kuinka monta kanadalaista is correct Finnish, but has more the meaning of "how many individual Canadians". So how many Canadian students study at this Finnish university, for example. They are countable.

Kuinka moni (or moniko) kanadalainen is more like a percentage or an approximate number, not Susie, Dave, and Jenna but not Harry.

In practice, you may see people using these forms less strictly than this.


Okay, then it makes sense. Thank you for the explanation!

[deactivated user]

    Why "kuinka monet kanadailaiset osaavat ranskaa? " isn't correct ?


    From a Finnish point of view that sounds more like "How do many Canadians know French?"


    From what I've heard, words following moni don't need to be plural because it is assumed from the moni. Is this correct?


    Hmmm, yes, so it seems, although I can't find a source spelling that out. Moni can of coure also be used in the plural:

    Moni ihminen = Monet ihmiset


    is montako very wrong in this one? it even shows in the tip when hovering.


    The hovering works like looking up words in a dictionary -- it gives you correct translations of the word, but not every translation may work as well in every context.

    Montako would be asking how many individual, countable Canadian people (so for example 11,638,382 Canadians) know French, which is not really a realistic question.


    Such information is available from a census. In fact, it is the only reasonable answer to this question. So I don't get why it is unacceptable.


    The more reasonable answer would be something like a percentage. Even a census doesn't usually count every single person, although it may try. The goal is more to get a general idea of the demographic statistics. Therefore, it is more correct to answer this kind of question with "__%" rather than an uber specific number of individuals.


    Does "...osaa puhu..." work here?


    Nope, you don't use that construction when talking about people's language skills in general.

    You would, on the other hand, use it when talking about a baby learning to speak. And I guess I could say osaan kirjoittaa ranskaa, mutta en osaa puhua ranskaa... ;-)


    There's another question in this section where you do have to use "osaa puhua", but you're translating "can speak". Duolingo is heavily semantic at times, so I've just learned that "know" is "osaa" and "can speak" is "osaa puhua". In reality, they're probably as interchangeable as they are in English.


    why ''kuinka moni kanadalainen osaavat ranskaa?'' is not correct?


    As you can see from earlier posts in this thread, moni is followed by a singular and not a plural noun, so you can't then use a plural verb form.


    The ones who live in Quebec.


    I don't really understand the difference between kuinka moni and montako


    Kuinka moni can be swapped with moniko. Kuinka monta can be swapped with montako.

    Moniko and kuinka moni are nominative. They're used for the subject of the sentence. Thus 'Kuinka moni ihminen katselee velhoa?' "How many people are watching the wizard?"

    Montako and kuinka monta are partitive. They're often used for the object of the sentence. Thus 'Kuinka monta ihmistä velho katselee?' "How many people is the wizard watching?" We also see the partitive in existential sentences, such as 'Montako yliopistoa Suomessa on? "How many universities are in Finland?"


    The correct way to say "how many" is montako.


    Nope, both are correct.

    Also, in this sentence, where I assume you're not asking for an actual number (how many million) but rather something like a share of the population (just under a third, Wikipedia tells me), kuinka moni actually fits better.

    [deactivated user]

      Kuinka monta kanadalaiset osavat puhua ranskaa


      Nope -- kuinka monta (or montako) kanadalaista OR kuinka moni (or moniko) kanadalainen.

      Kanadalaiset (the Canadians) doesn't work with the kuinka monta / montako.

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