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"Opettaja, onko suomi helppo kieli?"

Translation:Teacher, is Finnish an easy language?

June 24, 2020



Short answer: No.

Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooo.


Ei, mutta on kaunis!


Well. It is well structured, almost no exceptions in the rules. I am waiting for 14 cases, but they will be later..... And this language sounds great! I've waited a lot, till this course was loaded on Duo. Kiitos!


I should think you've already bumped into at least two cases, nominative and partitive (in singular). :) Can't remember if they've introduced genitive, inessive and adessive yet at this stage.

Nominative: kahvi, koira, nimi, minä

Partitive: kahvia, koiraa, nimeä, minua

(Genitive: kahvin, koiran, nimen, minun)

(Inessive: kahvissa, koirassa, nimessä, minussa)

(Adessive: kahvilla, koiralla, nimellä, minulla)


And don't forget about the easiest reading and writing that I currently know


Just wait till you get to all the different nonfinite verb forms that can be inflected in all the cases...


[ Screams Internally ]


Are there easy languages?


Even body language is difficult at times! D: XD


I found Norwegian fairly easy


The answer always depends on your own mother tongue and what you want to learn. For a German, Dutch will be quite easy, but for a Chinese?


I'm Dutch, and sadly, the language has almost no similarities due to Finnish not being a Germanic language, but a Uralic one.


Language difficulty depends on your native language, so for English speakers, Romance and German languages take about 600 hours of dedicated study, Arabic and Hindi are further away, so they take about 1200 hours, and Japanese and Chinese are even further away so they take around 2200 hours. And it works in reverse as well, i.e., English is one of the most difficult languages to learn when your native language is Japanese.


Italian or Norwegian, both easy and hard for opposite reasons (phonetics and verbs). So... Nope! It always takes a lot of sisu.


I was told that being Hungarian makes it easier to learn it. Probably works for Estonians too. So pro tip #1: be Hungarian or Estonian. From there on, smooth sailing... :P (nope):D but I'm actually experimenting this year to see if I can make it to B2 by this Christmas :)


I guess if you set the goal, you could learn it in less than 2 years. But you need to be a person with sisu. If you are reading this, i bet you can do it. Onnea!


Easier than Polish so far ;)


So: I'll avoid that one....


I think it would become easier when you set a mindset that Finnish is easy.

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